Green Corner

How to Cut Your Energy in Half

a)      Turn Off the lights (Save 2%)                                                                                                   Remembering to turn the lights off when leaving the room. You can install dimmers and motion sensors to save, Replace your light fixtures with fluorescent bulbs, and open your curtains to use natural sunlight.

b)      Install Ceiling Fans (Save 19%)                                                                                                              Install Energy Star Ceiling fans in the rooms you use the most.  They will keep you cool in the summer while your air conditioner works less.  In the winter switch them to turn clock wise to circulate the warm air down into the room.

c)       Show your fridge Some Love (Save 4%)                                                                                               The refrigerator is one of the biggest energy users in your home; if it was purchase before 1993 it’s a huge energy hog. Clean the coils (see must do maintained tips) Fill up unused space with jogs of water to keep it cold. Eliminate a 2nd fridge if you have one.

d)      Wash Clothes in Cold let them Air Dry (Save 9%)                                                                Washing your cloths in cold water gets them just as clean as hot

e)      Upgrade appliances (Save 12+ %)                                                                                                  Appliance use 20 percent of the energy in our home.  When it’s time to buy new look for the most efficient Energy Star model you can find.

f)       Give your water heater a blanket (Save 1-3%)                                                                           Adding an insulating cover to your water heater can reduce heat loss by 24-45%. Also turning your water heater down 19 degrees.

g)      Plug air Leaks (Save 12%)                                                                                                                                Seal air leaks around doors and windows with caulk and weather stripping.  You could also put up insulated curtains and install storm windows to further cut down heat loss in winter.

h)      Use your programmable Thermostat (Save 10%)                                                               Program your thermostat to turn itself down or off when you’re sleeping or at work

i)        Air Dry Dishes (Save 3%) Using your dishwasher instead of hand washing can save water, but if you let the drying cycle run, you’re wasting energy and money.  Let your dishes air dry.

j)        Eliminate Phantom Load (Save5%) Many electronics still suck energy even if they are turned off.  Plug your electronics into a power strip and turn it off when you leave the house

Source:  Green America