What impresses you most about DJ Builders and Remodelers? 


I have peace of mind…I can let them come and go and don’t have to think twice about what is happening.

We don’t have to look over our shoulder. What is set up gets done. If there’s a question, he’s there and we work it out.

He would always follow through-that’s a big plus.


We were very impressed with the way Dwight offered other suggestions on things we could do, his creative surge.

He valued our opinion. He took a floor plan we drew up and put it into a working context and explained how to do what we wanted in a different way. They put themselves in our shoes to figure out what we needed and how it would work for us.


Their flexibility is really important to me regarding cost.

They allowed us to change things along the way. My husband would come up with a different idea and they were good about adapting to that.


He explains things. We notice how quickly people get back to us. He gave us his cell phone number if we needed him during the day.

They are personable, easy to talk to and they work with you. They incorporated my suggestions and I appreciated that.

We trusted their choices, their judgement, what they suggested for us. They would sit down with us and listen to our ideas.

They’re just a class act. They do quality work, they’re pleasant and friendly, they stick to a good time schedule…they take pride in what they are doing…